Norsan Media is the largest Spanish language media conglomerate in the Southeast.

Norsan Media broadcasts 12 radio frequencies in key emerging markets in the Southeast with four broadcasting centers within one main office in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the radio stations, print, and online platforms are headquartered.

In addition to radio broadcast, Norsan Media also publishes Hola Noticias, a Spanish-language weekly newspaper in the city of Charlotte NC, Triad NC and Jacksonville FL and has launched numerous digital platforms including DescubreCharlotte.com, a localized social network that connects Latinos to each other and their community.

We offer our clients a 360 degree multi-media platform that reaches into the heart of the Hispanic community in all of the markets we serve.

Norsan Group, the parent company of Norsan Media operates a vast restaurant division comprised of 13 fast-casual Mexican Restaurants, 2 casual Italian concepts and 1 upscale Argentine steakhouse. The company also operates a central meat packaging plant and additional out-of-state distribution center for improved logistics.

With projected growth within the Hispanic markets in the Southeast region, we anticipate the possibility to continue to develop additional concepts within each of our divisions: for an expansion of restaurants, increased food processing and distribution and additional media channels.

Our business strategy at Norsan Group is that we will consistently deliver, through its series of companies, products and services that will meet or exceed our customers’ needs. It is through the flexibility of a diversity of channels that these products and services will be the most advantageous to our customers. By building close relationships with our providers and thriving toward operational excellence, we will be able to sustain a competitive advantage throughout the span of our different companies.